Have you just wrapped up a bootcamp? How about a course/book/YouTube video on data structures and algorithms? Chances are that you have come across something called Big O Notation and time/space complexity (nope, sorry not the kind that creates wormholes).

Big O Complexity Chart
Image from https://www.bigocheatsheet.com/

Big O notation is a way of describing how the time or memory needed to execute an algorithm grows with respect to the number of inputs. I’ll go over some of the more common ones (constant time, linear time, and quadratic time) in this blog.

An algorithm with O(1) time will return in the same amount of time regardless of…

New to your journey into React and wondering the difference between props and state? They can look similar (they are both plain Javascript objects) so I’ll be explaining what both are and how they are different!

Laptop on a work desk
Photo by karishea on Unsplash

Before we talk about props and state, let’s talk about components in React. The main job of a React component is to take data (provided by state and props) and turn it into rich HTML that a user will eventually see and interact with. Components are essentially the building blocks for a React app.

Props are short for properties. They are a way to…

Have you ever wondered how websites look their best on all the different kinds of screens out there? No? Just me? Ok. Well, I’m here to tell you how responsive design makes that happen!

Examples of responsive design
Examples of responsive design. See how the content layout looks different on each device? Photo courtesy of Segue Technologies

Responsive design is an approach to web design that makes the web content adapt to different device screen and window sizes. A very common example of this is a website on a desktop that has many different columns of content. It looks fine on a desktop because the screen is wide, but once you put it on mobile, either the content gets cut off or the…

Macbook keyboard
Photo by Md Mahdi on Unsplash

Yes, there’s more to life than control + c and control + v

I remember starting my coding bootcamp journey wide-eyed and excited about all the new things I was going to learn! One of these things was learning how to use VSCode efficiently, which is an art in itself. My advice? Practice these shortcuts early and often! I know it can feel like extra work or something you can learn later, but trust me, the earlier you can practice these and get them down, the faster you will be at writing and editing code. I had a sheet…


Looking for a crash course on how to hide your API keys or other sensitive information in your React project? Look no further! In this article, I’ll go over what a .env is and how to use it.

A .env allows you to put your environment variables in a file. This is where we are going to “hide” our sensitive information. This file gets added to .gitignore which is a text file that tells Git what files and folders to ignore in a project. We are going to start by making the .env file in the root directory like so…

It’s the (React) circle of life
And it moves us all…

In this article, I will talk about the React Lifecycle and some of the corresponding methods. Let’s get started!

React components go through three main phases:

Mounting: when the component attached itself to the DOM, the birth of your component

Updating: when your component is updating, either because of new props or state changes

Unmounting: when the component is removed from the DOM, the death of your component


We’ll start with the lifecycle methods for the mounting phase. The most common lifecycle method is render() because class components in…

This is a (ongoing) story of how I transitioned from 5+ years in healthcare into a brand new world of tech. In this blog, I’ll give you the lowdown of what imposter syndrome is, why its so prevalent in tech, and tips on how I personally deal with it!

Have you felt like you got to where you are because of sheer luck? Maybe you feel like a fraud, and you think it’s because you tricked people into thinking you actually know what you’re doing. Do you constantly downplay your achievements and accomplishments and have thoughts of self-doubt? If you’ve…

Maybe you have just started your coding journey and seen the famous Octocat and heard about Github, but don’t really know what it is yet. In this article, I’ll give a brief overview on what Git and Github is, some basic terminology, and git commands for newbies. Let’s get into it!

Git is a Version Control System (VCS). It is a way to manage project files and track and store content. On an individual basis, VCS are useful because they keep track of every modification to the code. If a mistake is made, developers can revert back to an old…

Maybe you’ve just started learning React and you see the term Virtual DOM thrown around. What is it and how is it different than good ole regular, Real DOM? Read on to find out!

DOM stands for Document Object Model. You may hear it referred to as the Real DOM or HTML DOM. It is the representation of your document and how your HTML and XML documents are read by the browser. Elements of HTML (starting from <HTML> as the main root and then <head> and <body> and then down to things like <h1>, <p>, etc.) are nodes in the…

I recently started a website commission with a friend and she suggested we use a headless CMS along with our frontend framework. This project is the first time I am using a headless CMS, so I thought I would share with you what I have learned! Read on!

A CMS (short for content management system) is a software tool that allows you to store, manage, and present content on your website. You may have heard of WordPress, which is a popular monolithic CMS. Monolithic CMS is an “all-in-one” service that lets you use a simplified interface to lay out your…

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